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Welcome to the Next Level of Data-Based Recruitment.

We are beyond excited about the recent launch of our data-based family’s newest members: the AI-based Personality Profiles. As firm believers in the benefits of automation, working on the development of an artificial intelligence-powered tool was a natural next step in the evolution of our service palette. However, being able to do so with the cooperation of IBM Watson was also a great honour and a flattering proof that our efforts to point HR in the direction of the future pay off.

We are now on our mission to spread the news and introduce this fresh innovation of ours to the open-minded members of our community (like you!). So in case you would like to find out what it can offer to you and how it exactly works (sure, we keep no secrets) just read IBM’s detailed case study that will explain it all.



Helping companies hire high-potential candidates with data-driven recruitment solutions

With thousands of talented candidates in the employment market, how can companies quickly and cost-efficiently identify applicants with the best fit for a role? Working with experts at the Technopolis Innovation Center, Indivizo is using IBM® Watson® solutions to help home in on candidates with the skills that will set them up for success.

Business challenge

Many companies assess potential hires using time-consuming, subjective methods that can be costly and open to bias. How can employers adopt a more efficient and objective approach?


Combining machine learning with the expertise of leading psychologists, Indivizo is developing talent acquisition solutions that will enable recruiters to back up their instincts with hard data.


90% – personality profiling accuracy helps identify top candidates and lift quality of hire

Up to 75% – faster than traditional approaches to recruitment, cutting time to hire

Reduces – recruitment costs, enabling Indivizo’s clients to drive investment in training

Business challenge story

Finding top-quality applicants

Recruiting people who share your company’s values is one of the keys to fostering happy, productive workplaces. With employers receiving thousands of applications for each position, traditional assessment methods such as processing resumes and conducting interviews can take a significant amount of time and send costs soaring. What’s more, these traditional methods often provide little or no insight into how an individual may grow and develop in an organization. Indivizo, a Hungarian start-up company, is developing an innovative, data-driven approach to recruitment that will help organizations identify candidates’ personalities, and build an accurate picture of their core competencies, quickly and objectively. Kata Illés, Co-founder and CEO at Indivizo, says: “Employers want to appeal to as many talented candidates as possible but can only interview a small percentage of applicants face to face. To determine who should go through to the next stage, many organizations ask candidates to take psychometric tests and skills assessments. These tests can be time-intensive, and the results are sometimes difficult to interpret.” To address this challenge, Indivizo developed its Automated Video Interview solution, an innovative offering which allows candidates to attend an initial screening session in the form of a pre-recorded video interview sequence designed by employers. To make competency tests and logical reasoning more engaging for applicants, Indivizo also incorporated Serious Games: a solution that empowers recruiters to test candidates for core competencies in an interactive and engaging way. András Holics, Co-founder and CEO at Indivizo, adds: “We wanted to help companies adopt a more objective approach to the recruitment process by taking our talent acquisition solutions to the next level. We saw an opportunity to harness the latest developments in disciplines such as machine learning and AI to deliver even more accurate insights into the skills, competencies and cultural fit of every applicant.”

“Thanks to the ScaleZone accelerator program and IBM Watson, we’ve turned our vision for data-driven recruitment into a reality.” —Kata Illés, Co-founder and CEO, Indivizo

Transformation story

Harnessing AI insights

To make its vision a reality, Indivizo is developing an AI-powered personality profile screening solution that it will integrate with its existing Automated Video Interview offering, which transforms candidates’ recorded speech into analyzable data with IBM Watson™ Speech to Text. Built on the IBM Cloud™, Indivizo’s personality profile screening solution analyzes the text conversion of a candidate’s automated interview, using machine learning from IBM Watson Personality Insights, to form an accurate picture of a candidate’s personality. In the future, the company plans to incorporate the results of candidates’ competency tests to deliver even more insight into an individual’s suitability for a given role. To cut time to market, Indivizo joined the ScaleZone accelerator program run by the Technopolis Innovation Centre in Budapest. Expert consultants at Technopolis recommended that Indivizo build its innovative solutions using IBM Watson technology in the IBM Cloud. Kata explains: “After Technopolis introduced us to the IBM Watson solutions, we quickly realized they were the right fit for our business. As well as delivering the fine-grained analytics capabilities we were looking for, IBM Watson Personality Insights gave us the flexibility to integrate with solutions across the IBM Watson portfolio. From the very beginning, IBM saw the disruptive potential for our solutions, and went the extra mile to help turn our vision into a reality.” András adds:

“Working in the IBM Cloud is great for Indivizo, and we can quickly and conveniently add new capabilities to our solution via Watson APIs. Not having to worry about infrastructure or maintenance costs means that we can direct our energy and resources into refining our offerings.” Indivizo is validating its personality profile screening solution by assessing how accurately it can analyze an individual’s personality based on utterances delivered under varying levels of pressure and even in different languages. Indivizo plans to integrate emotional analytics data from its Automated Video Interview solution with its logical reasoning assessments platform—Serious Games. By enriching the results of gamified tests with emotional analytics data, the company is confident that it will empower employers to drive even better-informed recruitment decisions. Kata continues: “When we have built up enough real-world data in our personality profile screening solution, we will be able to analyze how candidates with particular personality traits develop in their new roles. Using this data, we hope to predict candidates’ likely long-term performance—adding value to our service. IBM Watson and IBM Cloud technology will provide us with the capabilities we need to evolve and adapt our solutions.”

“Because our AI-powered solution will enable employers to gain deeper insight into a candidate’s personality faster, we will help employers cut their time to hire even further while sourcing better quality candidates.” —András Holics, Co-founder and CEO, Indivizo

Results story

Recruiting top talent

Since it started trialing its personality profile screening solution, Indivizo has measured positive results. “We have already achieved a 90 percent accuracy rate in personality profiling with IBM Watson Personality Insights,” says Kata. “As we train our solution with more data, we expect an even higher accuracy rate. Our aim is not to replace HR departments with automated tools, but rather to help employers to get an objective measure of a candidate’s personality, competencies and overall likelihood of thriving in a role.” András adds:

“Because our AI-powered solution will enable employers to gain deeper insight into a candidate’s personality faster, we will help employers cut their time to hire even further while sourcing better quality candidates. So far, clients using our Automated Video Interview and Serious Games solutions have seen dramatic improvements in this area, which we expect to improve further once we fully integrate our personality profile screening capabilities with these solutions." “Shorter hiring cycles significantly reduce the total cost of recruiting, which frees up more resources to invest in staff training. The more time employers spend developing their talent, the less likely those people are to leave the organization—so our solution also plays an important role in driving employee retention.” Using Indivizo’s Automated Video Interview and Serious Games solutions, one company was able to schedule interviews with 150 candidates in just six days for its management trainee program. Using traditional methods, this process could have taken weeks and maybe even months—making the Indivizo solution up to 75 percent faster. Already, the company can see that the candidates hired using the Automated Video Interview and Serious Games solutions performed four times better than candidates hired by traditional interview methods. Once Indivizo integrates in depth personality profiling powered by IBM Watson technology, the company will be able to help recruiters make even better decisions on new hires by matching people to open vacancies with added precision. Kata concludes: “Thanks to the ScaleZone accelerator program and IBM Watson, we’re turning our vision for data-driven recruitment into a reality. By helping recruiters back up their instincts with hard data, we can help them make better-informed hiring decisions—contributing to healthier, more productive workplaces.”


This case study was originally published on IBM’s website, here.

If you still have some questions left, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – we’re ready to answer all of them. And if you’ve already tried the AI-based Personality Profiles, we’d love to hear your opinion as well.


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