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The virtual hiring assistant of the future got introduced at HVG Job Expo

The development of technology nowadays has more influence than ever on both of our private and professional lives. Being constantly connected through smartphones became a given, and our nonstop availability did not only alter the state of work but changed our working habits, too. Interestingly though, while the widespread use of methods designed to enhance efficiency does not surprise anybody anymore, at the same time

only a small amount of people utilise those technological opportunities which offer optimisation for HR processes.

While the boundary of private and professional lives grows more blurred, the phenomena comes with its own advantages: parallel to its advancement the tools, platforms and applications that fulfil our modern expectations, adapt to the employees’ needs and provide flexibility for work, are also becoming increasingly popular. These solutions can be personalised more efficiently than ever, enabling us to save time and energy. With their help we can even collaborate remotely on joint projects with teams whose members are in entirely different places, provided we have succeeded in putting the right team together.

No employer would disagree with the statement that recruitment is a top priority for every company. Nonetheless, in most offices the HR advisor - if they have one at all - still has to spend long hours on printing CVs from attachments, only in order to be able to skip to the next chapter when they have to spend even longer hours on negotiating appointments and personal interviews. And we haven’t even mentioned the evaluation of these yet… Luckily

there is already an existing solution that automates the administrative tasks away so that we can save significant amounts of time while finding the right talent. And it offers even more benefits for both parties.

Our working habits have already changed. Recruitment is next.

Indivizo’s video interview service provides both employers and job seekers with exceptional opportunities. It reveals a lot more about candidates than an impersonal CV, including their communication skills and of course, their motivation. They can share more details on their professional background and experiences while revealing their true personalities.

Great questions still remain the responsibility of those supervising the interview process. But having all applications collected systematically in one single, virtual platform is a remarkable convenience that enables them to concentrate on those tasks where they can make use of their personal competence and experience as a recruiter. It’s clear that

only the mechanically executable parts of the process are automated - expertise, creativity and emotional intelligence come from the participants within.

Automated video interviews thus do not intend to substitute the entire hiring process, but with their help we can dramatically reduce the time spent on pre-screening. There is no more need to make long calls about complicated meeting arrangements, furthermore, those who participate in the evaluation of the candidates do not even have to be in the same place at the same time. Everyone can access the materials stored in the system at their convenience, wherever and whenever they wish to. Thanks to these features more than 10 coworkers can easily collaborate on a hiring, which is especially helpful for those trying to find a new member to a larger team. UniCredit, one of Indivizo’s successfully established partners, put in automated video interviews during the HVG Job Expo, offering the possibility for curious job seekers to gain first hand experience and get to know the system’s advantages. The company claimed they can completely substitute a whole round of interviews with it. Following which,

the personal meetings with those applicants who made it through the video pre-screening almost feel like seeing and talking to people we already know.

An additional proof of the rising popularity of video interviews is that besides UniCredit, other companies took their invisible Indivizo hiring assistants to this important event. And whoever was in the mood for testing themselves in an interview situation while possibly getting closer to their dream job could gain invaluable experience - the system makes sure that each applicant receives personalised feedback which can serve as a useful lesson for the future of their professional lives.


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