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We, at Indivizo, believe in talent.

That’s why, everything we do focuses on helping HR decision-makers find the best talent faster. Our tools enable candidates to showcase their talent in an unbiased, objective way resulting in measurable data and better hiring decisions.

Who are we?

Talking about talent, we are really proud of our own team - a bunch of really inspiring gals and guys all around the world - which is the reason why we love what we do,
all day, every day. 

Meet our Senior Management

Kata Illés

Co-founder and CEO

Kata fell in love with organizational development and HR 20+ years ago, and is still head over heels about that. She uses her extensive professional knowledge on these fields to come up with tools that helps HR professionals make better hiring decisions and have a strategic position eventually.

András Holics

Co-founder and CEO

András brings his two decades’ background in psychology, HR consulting and organisational development to the table, while making sure that our company keeps on growing and developing - inside and out - to have a lasting impact on our industry. 

Bálint Fekete

Co-founder and Designer

Bálint is responsible for making Indivizo the most user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use online recruitment system on the market. We have created it to make your days easier.

Márton Juhász


Márton is the master of our system, the keeper of our code, and the one who makes our ideas, thoughts and dreams into reality.

Join us!

Do you like what you see? Learn more about our team and check out our current opportunities here!

Indivizo around the world

Our cloud-based digital solutions are all available globally, and we are happy to show you the magic behind the system in any of our regional offices and our headquarters in Budapest.

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Middle East

North America










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