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The Future Recruiter a.k.a. What did I not get under my corporate Christmas tree.

Just before Christmas, I’ve been invited to a series of Mini-conferences in Poland. It was looking into the digital future and ways to simplify one’s work gaining back the lost time from mundane tasks.

Recruitment is one of those exciting jobs. Well, some part of it for sure! But for some parts (anyone who was involved in hiring will agree), sometime it’s like trying to get rid of your child’s gum from your super hairy carpet. Do all the screening, pre-screening, rummaging through piles and piles of CVs, calling, scheduling, managing, etc. Only to find the best talent already in negotiation with or working for your competition.

Is there a way to simplify recruitment processes? Can I reach the best and the worst at the same time without losing valuable time? How do I know, if the person is the right fit because the CV can be so so misleading? Will I reach and be able to focus on the best talent before the competition snatches them away?

Questions, questions, questions… and the answer is, YES!

As we are moving forward with digitalization and modernization of our everyday personal and professional life, we should understand that HR can not be neglected, and deserves to be the place where “people science” is happening.

I believe, every modern recruiter is looking for ways to streamline their processes and stand out, become more attractive. Organizations should support these recruiters with an Interview Management Tool that fits into their corporate culture and objectives.

I am proud to say, that Indivizo fits perfectly in this description! Helping organizations shortening their hiring cycle by up to 55% while increasing the quality and diversity of their talent pool. Telenor use it across their whole network and could not imagine the success of their Youth Forum without it.

Randstad A/B tested the application and here is what they have found:

This resulted in:

  • 67% less time spent with pre-screening.

  • 45% shorter recruitment process with higher applicant motivation.

  • 5–6x increase in quality of pre-screened applicants for the next recruitment round.

I have interviewed Lisette Sutherland who runs the Work Together Anywhere workshop, managing the remote team for the Happy Melly network, and is the Director at Collaboration Superpowers. One of her goals is to get the best people working together regardless of location.

Here is a snippet of what she had to say about Indivizo: “Here is what I have learned. I have spent a lot of time interviewing people. I wasted a lot of time because people looked good on paper, but…they were not what I was looking for once I talked to them.

In particular for remote workers this tool impressed me quite a bit. Not only do I get a chance to see the people and see who they are, I get the chance to see how they react to having to learn a new tool, how they are on video, how comfortable they are online and what kind of office they have. This app in particular has helped me to assess that, and I didn’t expect that would be something that I would learn from it. I expected I would be listening to people, but instead I’m actually testing their remote working skills at the same time. I really enjoy that! I will continue to use this tool in the future for all of my interviews.”(sic)

In conclusion, the platform works magic in remote hiring as well as monitoring the performance of your recruiters. Above all, it would still allow you to keep it personal with those that matter the most. The future stars of your team.


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