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Our tools keep developing, but our values remain the same

This week Noémi Nagy, HR consultant, tells us what she found so appealing about her profession and explains how she can keep up with the expectation of continuously getting the best talent into the most appropriate position with the help of ever advancing tools.

HR is undoubtedly the best field one can choose. Although I admit I might be slightly biased, I nevertheless feel like going for this profession was one of the best decisions of my life.

Why? Because I just love being able to get to know so many talented people and influence their lives in a positive way, and it makes me truly happy that I can help others develop and advance in their careers. Because I love being able to gain insights into various stages and philosophies of life. Because I cannot get enough of the feeling of starting to get attached to a candidate, when their journey occupies an important place in my heart and I cheer for their success as much as they do.

And although this whole profession is based on human values, competencies and attitude, at the same time it is capable of constantly renewing itself.

Let’s take hiring for example.

In November 2015 I participated in a video interview through Indivizo’s platform. As an applicant I had to record 2-3 minutes long video answers for pre-collected questions that the system saved afterwards, so the materials were then just waiting to be watched by the people on the other side.

Needless to say how excited I got to find out how it might seem from their point of view, how it could be to watch the videos of the applicants.

Now I know.

In June we started a hiring where I could get a taste of Indivizo’s smart little solution. It was truly incredible to see such a user-friendly and easy to learn system. I created a hiring project, where I first had to approve a form to be filled out by the applicants. The number of them indeed grew day by day and when the time has come we prepared the video interview as well. We carefully thought through what questions we should ask from the candidates but also relied on the excellent ideas offered by the platform itself, grouped by competencies, which would make finding all questions for an interview possible even within 5 minutes.

This was followed by the best part of the whole process: watching the interviews. It was a Friday afternoon, the office already half empty, but I just couldn’t resist looking at the first four candidates, so I made myself comfortable on a bean bag with my laptop and a can of coke and started to watch their recordings.

On Invidizo’s platform one can watch and listen to the applicants anytime, anywhere – without the need for having an appointment with them.

I was immediately sold. It just felt like being on Skype with them – the interviews were like an informal, friendly chat without us having to be in front of our computers at the same time. I smiled back when they did and nodded as they spoke, as if they could see me as well. In the meantime I kept myself busy making notes and tags: great sales person, sympathetic, motivated, resolute, etc. For each short video I could give an evaluation of the competence in question on a scale from 1 to 6, from which the system calculated the overall average for every person. Then I could finish it all by dragging a slider to Yes or No.

My colleagues could evaluate the videos of the applicants the same way, so the decision about who to meet in person as well was made easily. To sum it up: the whole process was fast, simple, easy to follow, the materials could be re-watched, while we could stick to our fundamental values and even managed to start forming a bond as I have mentioned already. I was also positively surprised by the authenticity of the picture I received about the applicants – the impressions I’d got while watching their videos had all been verified later during the personal meetings. This is another reason why I consider HR the best field of profession.

Because no matter how quickly our tools develop we preserve our values. Moreover, they get even closer to the centre of our attention.


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