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No pain, no gain — Recruitment might be challenging, but it’s worth it

Many times your best candidate or a self-motivated colleague is the result of your creativity in recruitment and the way you attract talents even if you own a SME.

Some might think, that the most costly things for SMEs during a recruitment are the outside purchases to support the process itself. In fact, time can be more precious than the money you spend in this case.

In the following post you can read tips to make your recruitment much more efficient. We have tried all of them and I have to tell you, they do work:

  1. Spend some time on figuring out how your specific recruitment should look like.

  2. Know who you are looking for. Personality is just as important as knowledge and expertise.

  3. Pick the best way to find the talent you are looking for. If the classical methods does not work for you anymore, use your creativity to find the best tools.

  4. Pre-screen and test your applicants, measure competencies.

Know who you are looking for.

You should decide prior to the actual interviews what it is you want to find in the applicants. Of course the ideal employee knows everything, can do the job of everyone all at once. Have you met such a person so far? I know I haven’t. To decide efficiently, start a list of the duties followed by the expected skills and the skills that you can develop internally. My tip is to look for a talent enthusiastic to learn something new, to develop.


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