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5 signs that you should rethink your recruitment process

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Let people show their talent for you

Modern technology and the creativity of HR experts cannot be limited anymore. Today, Facebook, LinkedIn or online games are typical tools used in recruitment. Online interviews and video interview solutions have conquered the US, Australia, UK already and are spreading fast in Europe as well.

There is an ever growing demand for more efficient tools, for better results and for attracting the Millennials. In return, innovative solutions emerge on the market daily, providing you and your company with the best, most effective tools you might need.

We have collected a few signs that show, it is perhaps time to try something new (e.g. video interview):

1. You spend way too much time in interviews, listening to candidates who do not belong there.

How often have you felt, that it could have been predicted that the person in front of you will not be a good match for your company? What do we do in such cases? Usually we try to keep the conversation as short as possible and remain polite so that the reputation of our company remains intact. Whatever we do, we lose precious time we do not have. Video interview can help with this problem. You can stop it, restart it, re-watch certain relevant parts without having to provide an excuse or an explanation. By using a video interview platform, you can watch all the recorded videos whenever you want, no matter where you are.

2. You need to hire someone! Fast! Even maybe more than one person?

It doesn’t matter if you work for a huge multinational company or a SME, the reality is, there are times when you should have hired someone yesterday. A typical recruitment process takes about 29–42 days. Using video interview, you can fast track the complete process by days, even weeks. You do not need to meet anyone in person, still many candidates can manage to record themselves in the same time.

3. You have already rescheduled the interview five times...

Usually hiring managers also attend the personal interviews. Their time is very limited, since their primary task is not recruitment — they have little time to spare and to juggle around. But even they can manage to find the time to watch a few videos and see the same interviews you and your HR team can.

4. You want to strengthen your employer brand.

Today, there are numerous opportunities to show the world, what you and your company care about and how you do it. The competition can be overwhelming sometimes, it is not easy to attract the real talent, to impress the people seeking new employment opportunities. If a company has been using the same recruitment method for the last 10 years, not much innovation can be expected in any other area either. High wages are not the only weapon you can use to attract the best of the best. Show everyone how competitive and innovative your company is.

5. It would be easier to make a decision if you could just remember certain parts of the interview better.

By using a video interview solution, there are no more notes you are unable to read, no sheets of paper you could lose. You simply decide on your strategy, pick the right questions and everything is good to go. The Indivizo video interview app can usually rank the candidates according to your evaluations so that at the end you only have to meet the most promising professionals!

Do you recognise any of these signs? It is time to try the video interview for pre-screening and enjoy all the advantages of a fast and innovative hiring! Did we mention that you can have 7x better quality candidates 3x faster, while reducing the whole recruitment process to half of the time? Also, that by removing geographical boundaries this is a perfect way to increase your talent pool?

As Jeff Bezos said:

The common question that gets asked in business is ‘why?’, but an equally good question is, ‘why not?’.

The Indivizo video interview solution is ready for you to use right now or can be customised according to your own branding and hiring needs.

Let us show you the magic behind the system in an online demo.


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