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Download our Case Study to see how Telekom optimised their hiring process with Indivizo.


New hires reached 
95% of top performers'
KPIs in
3 months



Data-driven recruitment to hire top talent

Indivizo offers data-driven recruitment solutions to help hiring top talent faster. Our cloud-based platform includes flexible end-to-end Workflow Management, Automated Video Interviews, Serious Games, a Referral System and more to provide the right tools to find the right people for every position.


We focus on data to evaluate the performance of candidates and also to measure the efficiency of the recruitment process. Our solutions provide data-based information to help making better hiring decisions, and at the same time they dramatically accelerate the workflow to free up significant recruiter time so that you can focus on what is important - people.

Real life success stories from the world of recruitment

We have multiple positions open at the same time and our managers are part of our recruitment process, they meet multiple candidates personally. The video interview helps us set up personal interviews with only those candidates who fulfil not only professional requirements, but their communication and persuasion skills are also advanced. This helps us help our managers manage their time more effectively.

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Considering time management, this is the best possible solution. Our phone pre-selection process has been completely replaced by video interview. It is so much more effective for everyone: we don’t need to coordinate separately with the applicant when would be a good time for a call. They can record the video independently, whenever they want, and us, as well as the managers, can watch the videos whenever we want.

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